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Activity safety advice

Whether you’re casting from the shoreline, a kayak or a powerboat, you can enjoy your sport and stay safe with our free, expert advice.
Get top tips
Scuba diving
Love scuba and sport diving? Discover hidden depths and stay safe with the RNLI.
Breathe easier
Stand-up paddleboarding
Paddleboarding is fun for all the family. Get the best advice on how to enjoy this sport while being aware of the risks.
Enjoy safely
With so many great beaches to explore, it’s no wonder we want to get out into the surf!
Best advice
Sailing and motorboating
By sail or motor, getting afloat is serious fun and a way of life for many of us.
Top knowledge
Commercial fishing
Commercial fishing is a hazardous business and we are committed to developing new ways of helping you stay safe on the job.
Reduce the risks
At the beach
Each year thousands of us visit the seaside and take up exciting watersports. It's great fun, but don't forget to think about your safety too.
Have fun, stay safe!
From surfing in the waves to mastering aerial tricks, we can help make your sport as enjoyable and as safe as possible.
Reduce the risk
Addicted to paddling? Enjoy kayaking and canoeing, and stay safe with our free, expert advice and safety tips.
Safety essentials