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Henry Blogg Museum

RNLI Henry Blogg museum viewed from the beach

​Coxswain Henry Blogg was a local man who became a national hero. The RNLI's most decorated lifeboatman served for 53 years on Cromer's lifeboats. He was awarded three Gold and four Silver RNLI medals for gallantry, as well as the George Cross and British Empire Medal.

With the assistance of his dedicated crew he saved 873 lives from the North Sea. 

How to find us

​Henry Blogg Museum
The Rocket House
The Gangway
NR27 9ET
Telephone: 01263 511294
Email us

The museum is situated at the end of Cromer's promenade. To avoid the steep gangway, there is an alternative entrance to the museum from the cliff walkway to the rear of the building, which includes a lift. Public car parking is available in the town, 1/4 mile away.

The museum illustrates the history of Cromer's lifeboats and tells the story of Henry Blogg's most famous rescues. For 37 years he served as Coxswain at Cromer and from 193545 his lifeboat was the legendary HF Bailey, which is the centrepiece of the museum. Henry retired as Coxswain in 1947 and died in 1954.





Opening times 













​(Last admission 3.45pm)

​(Last admission 4.45pm)

​(Last admission 3.45pm)



Please book ahead for group and school visits. Our education room is available for outside bookings. Please enquire for more details.

The building is fully accessible for wheelchair users with an internal lift and mezzanine. Read our accessibility statement.

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Events, Exhibitions and Activities





Thursdays in August, 10am to 4pm 


Family activities for summer!


 'The Games We Played'
An exhibition of childhood board and card games
22 October - 20 November
Try out a game from the past, something more up to date, or make your own!













The museum offers a range of activities to groups of children and young people.

Please call or e-mail to book your visit.

Monte the Dog

A storytelling session about the rescue of Henry Blogg's faithful companion.

Suitable for ages 4 - 7

Lasts 20 - 25 minutes

Maximum 15 children per session




Naval Architect Challenge

Students explore materials used at sea and undertake an experiment to recommend a hull shape for a new lifeboat.

Suitable for ages 7 - 9

Consists of two sessions 40 - 45 minutes each.

Maximum 12 children per session.



Rescue to the Sepoy

Dress yourself in Henry Blogg's flat cap or cling onto the mast and pray to be rescued. Our drama workshop explores the feelings of the rescued as well as the rescuers.

Suitable for ages 7 - 11

Lasts 30 - 35 minutes

Maximum 25 children per session

A range of specially created activity suggestions, contemporary sources and original photographs are available to download below.  

image of PDF icon - download Sepoy sources 

Sepoy sources - Contemporary newspaper cuttings and service reports made by the lifeboat crew.​

image of PDF icon - download Sepoy classroom activities

Sepoy classroom activities - A range of suggestions and worksheets. Including a newspaper writing frame, storyboard frame, Morse code and phonetic alphabet.

image of PDF icon - download Sepoy story pack

Sepoy story pack - This is a great way to introduce children to the 1933 rescue by Henry Blogg using photographs and captions.

Remembering the English Trader

The Merchant Navy ship English Trader is being pounded to pieces, while stranded on a sanbank in the North Sea. Will Coxswain Henry Blogg and the Cromer lifeboat crew be able to rescue the sailors in time? How did the English Trader get into such a predicament? Students are challenged to analyse and solve the problems of a rescue at sea during World War II.

Suitable for ages 8 - 11

Lasts 40 - 45 minutes

Maximum 20 children per session

Spporting on-line resources are available here.

  View resources.

Stop by our Henry Blogg Museum, take in Cromer’s rich history and learn about Henry Blogg’s courageous rescues.

Take a look at the shining reviews from our delighted visitors, who have described our museum as “wonderful”, a “hidden gem” and a “humbling experience”.

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