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Recycle for the RNLI


We need your help to turn old gadgets and more into lifesaving funds.

​What can be recycled?

The Recycling factory (TRF) can recycle used inkjet cartridges, toners, mobile phones, MP3 players, hand-held games consoles, sat navs and digital cameras.  For a recycling list detailing the makes and models of ink cartridges, toners and mobiles that can be recycled, call TRF on 0800 091 0696 or email rnli@trf-uk.com. TRF can recycle gadgets too – working digital cameras, sat navs, electronic games consoles and MP3 players.

Freepost envelopes

Who do we contact if the freepost envelopes run out?

Please call 0800 091 0696 to order recycling envelopes.  TRF will require your barcode number or postcode; you will then receive additional stock within 2-3 working days.

What happens if items won’t fit in the envelope?

The freepost envelope can be fixed to a larger envelope or a small box and providing the weight does not exceed 1.5kg, the post office will still accept it via the freepost scheme.

Collection boxes

In addition to freepost envelopes, TRF can send you free collection boxes: small desktop boxes which are around 30cm in height x 18cm² or larger collection boxes which measure around 3ft x 2ft².

How do the recycling boxes get collected?

Simply call 0800 091 0696 and you will be asked for your barcode number; this is usually on a label located on the side of the box or your postcode.  TRF will then arrange a collection for either the same day or the next working day.  You will also be asked if you require another collection box.

Who do we contact if we require another recycling box?  

Please call TRF on 0800 091 0696.

What if our supporters wish to recycle large quantities?

Supporters can call TRF on 0800 091 0696 to request a collection box of their own.

We’re new to the recycling scheme. How do we order materials?

Please call 0800 091 0696 to order recycling materials.  TRF will require your address, telephone number and contact name in order to set up a free recycling account for your station or branch. This enables a unique barcode to be a generated which will be printed on all of your materials.


How do you identify how much income our branch/station has generated?

Your materials are barcoded; this also acts as your unique account number.  Once the items arrive at TRF they are scanned and every item sent is recorded against your barcode.  This is then reported to Head Office on a monthly basis.

What percentage does the charity receive for the items recycled?

There is no cost to the charity for TRF to run the recycling partnership; 100% of the donation is paid to the charity.